10 of the Eco-Friendliest Reusable Water Bottle Brands

Several weeks ago, we covered 10 of our best reusable water bottle picks for 2018. We focused on several parameters for that article. Price was a big factor, as was usability and appeal. We also briefly touched on eco-friendliness.

Given that these are all reusable water bottles we’re talking about here, of course any company that manufactures them has an interest in the environment. That’s the way it should be. After all, as you know from reading this blog, the average disposable water bottle will sit in a landfill for hundreds if not thousands of years.

With environmental consciousness such an important quality, which reusable water bottle brands possess it in spades

? We’re glad you asked. We narrowed it to down to 10 companies that are all worth buying from.

1. Bobble

Bobble (click to check the current price on Amazon) is a newer water bottle company that was founded in 2010. According to Bobble themselves, their “mission is to eliminate the outrageous waste of single serve, disposable beverages.”

The best way to do this, they decided, was to begin making reusable water bottles. Not only that, but Bobble became obsessed with the way beverages taste, so they even introduced their own line of teas and coffees. Yes, you can drink them in your Bobble bottle.

Based in Chicago, Bobble bottles are as adorable as they are eco-friendly (which is to say a lot). Most bottles can hold 34 ounces or one liter of your favorite beverage. Although the bottle base is plastic, it’s BPA-free. There’s an included carbon filter that can be replaced as necessary. If you’re a fan of flavored water and you’re trying to make the move from disposable bottles to reusable ones, you can fill your Bobble bottle with real fruits or vegetables (or even both!). The filter will capture the flavor for you to sip and enjoy. How cool is that?

With a carrying handle and a tether cap on every bottle, Bobble is quite a brand. Their bottles are also available in a slew of great colors, such as bright teal blue and electric lime green.

2. Klean Kanteen

We wrote about Klean Kanteen (click to check the current price on Amazon) in our article about the best reusable water bottles of 2018, and here they are again. They deserve a second mention because they’re so dedicated to bettering the environment.

Klean Kanteen was founded in 2014. Completely family-owned, they decided to start the brand due to two concerns. The first of these was how many disposable water bottles were clogging up landfills. The second was that many reusable plastic water bottles on the market often included BPAs and other chemicals since they’re made of plastic.

All bottles and products from Klean Kanteen are BPA-free. Based in and operating out of Chico, California, Klean Kanteen does more than sell water bottles. They are also involved in many local Chico initiatives, including Chico Creek Clean Up, Bidwell Park Clean Up, Walk for Water, Chico Wildflower Century Ride, and Run for Food. Klean Kanteen has even sponsored some of these events themselves.

Besides that, they take part in local celebrations and events, offering filtered water stations at no cost to attendees. When they can, Klean Kanteen also donates their water bottles and other products to Chico fundraisers, events, schools, and relevant organizations.

3. Lifefactory

Another great brand we’ve written about before that deserves a second nod is Lifefactory(click to check the current price on Amazon). This Sausalito, California-based company came to be after a local integrative designer and pediatric feeding specialist joined up. They wanted babies to have better bottle options that weren’t bogged down with BPAs. Lifefactory sells reusable bottles for all ages today.

They encourage their customers to reuse their bottles over the years. Since most Lifefactory bottles are made of glass, you can also recycle them.

If you would rather reuse the glass bottles, the brand says that a toddler can use a baby Lifefactory bottle if it’s outfitted with a sippy cap. They also suggest washing out the glass bottle and adding a flat cap and boom, you get extra storage for small household odds and ends. You can also omit the cap for stashing pencils or pens.

Glass is naturally free of BPAs and other chemicals, making it a great choice for reusable water bottles. Instead of using plastic, Lifefactory’s bottle holders are designed from medical-grade silicone. That means they too have no BPAs. The same is true of the caps, which are a phthalate-free polypropylene plastic.

4. Liquid Savvy

Inspired by the beautiful High Uintah Mountains in Utah, Liquid Savvy (click to check the current price on Amazon) was founded to make a difference in this world. This reusable water bottle brand wants everyone to enjoy “the taste of ice cold water like those found in the mountain streams” via their reusable bottles. They also strive to preserve those streams by turning their customers away from disposable water bottles. Completely insulated, Liquid Savvy bottles can also maintain the warmth of hot liquids.

All bottles are free of BPAs. There are even fruit infuser bottles that include a bottle brush for cleaning as well as an insulating sleeve. You can select the fruits you want to enjoy for the day and then add them to the fruit chamber at the bottom of the bottle. Liquid Savvy also includes a strainer for getting the natural sweetness of fruits in your water. Now you see why that bottle brush comes in handy, for cleaning the strainer.

Fruity, flavorful water without disposable bottles? No wonder Liquid Savvy has made such a mark.

5. Fressko

The tea-infused bottles (traditional water bottles are also available) from Fressko (click to check the current price on Amazon) are about more than sleek design and pastel colors. The company has its own philosophy, which is “be kind to mother earth, to others, and to yourself.” That’s a mantra we think we can all get on board with!

The Australian company also follows that philosophy daily with its reusable water bottles, which are produced with bamboo and other materials that contain no BPAs or chemicals. The bamboo comes from the Ningbo mountains and is sourced sustainably.

Fressko makes all their bottles in Melbourne, their headquarters. Their products are monitored in China for quality control and then sent straight to you, the customer. According to Fressko, they undergo a 12-step production process for every bottle to ensure all their reusable water bottles are of the best possible quality. Considering they use food-grade stainless steel (304 18/8) and A-grade borosilicate glass, there’s little question about that quality.

6. S’well

Sarah Kauss, the founder of S’well(click to check the current price on Amazon), had a personal mission akin to a lot of these other water bottle companies. She wanted an alternative to disposable plastic water bottles. Starting her company in 2010, S’well has since gone on to work with (RED), UNICEF, and related charities.

From 2015 onward, S’well has donated or raised $800,000 and counting for UNICEF USA. Through their charity work, they ensure that needy communities around the world get access to clean water.

Their eco-friendly bottles contain no BPAs, either. Instead, you get a bottle with ThermaS’well technology, which has an exterior designed to cut condensation, a copper layer, and triple walling. The high-grade stainless steel used for each S’well bottle is 18/8 and vacuum-insulated. This is one brand you can feel good about buying from.

7. Soma

Becoming a B-corporation in 2014 allowed Soma (click to check the current price on Amazon) to achieve many of its goals. For instance, today they work with supply chain partners that follow strict anti-discrimination, animal welfare, transparency, sustainability, and labor practice rules. Soma can also ensure that its packaging and products are made with recyclable materials as well as post-consumer waste.

The company believes in conservation-based forestry to lessen its global impact, especially emissions. Also, when you buy a Soma water filter, you’re helping out, too! Some of the money from your purchase will go towards combating the global water crisis.

Soma has several water bottles, tagged as projects, that were available for purchase. These are eco-conscious endeavors. For instance, the Soma x Lonely Whale collection includes whales on the bottle so you can always keep your giving goals in mind. Proceeds from the Soma x Juice collection goes towards Flint, Michigan to restore clean drinking water to the community. Lastly, there’s the Soma x Parley bottles, which take plastics from coastal marine environments and use them for good.

8. Welly

Welly’s (click to check the current price on Amazon) CEO and founder Ben Kander lost his mother to liver cancer when he was only 22 years old. He wanted to study how the environment and the human body are affected by chemicals and toxins, and thus Welly was born.

All Welly bottles are made of renewable, natural materials. Like Soma, if you buy a Welly bottle, you can rest assured that your money is going to a good cause. For each purchase, Welly gives three percent of the proceeds to water projects and charities. The goal of these projects is to help developing countries get access to clean, potable water.

Their short-term goal was to start with those in a village in Mai Welay, Ethiopia. Welly sought to help 350 people in that community get clean water, and they succeeded. That was just the beginning. Now they want to move on to Malawi, also in Africa, and directly help 200 people. Your purchases can help make Welly’s goal a reality.

9. KOR

KOR(click to check the current price on Amazon) believes “we should leave this planet better than when we found it.” By using sustainable measures when creating their reusable water bottles, KOR is certain they’re doing their part for the environment and the world.

It all started when Eric Barnes and Paul Shustak wanted to make their own reusable water bottles and prevent landfills from growing with more disposable ones. Barnes had experience in startups and Shustak had an eye for design, so together, they made an amazing team.

Today, they sell water bottles and filters under the KOR brand name. Although KOR water bottles do have plastic parts, it’s all BPA-free. There are KOR stones contained within each bottle cap, and the cap itself will swivel. With Hygienic Spout technology, there’s no need to stress about germs and bacteria getting in your bottle. A cleaner bottle that’s better for you and the world? Sign us up.

10. EarthLust

With a name like EarthLust(click to check the current price on Amazon), you would most definitely expect this reusable water bottle company to be passionate about preserving the planet. You’d be correct. Since 2008, San Francisco-based company EarthLust and its founders Cecila Perkins and Alex Hess have produced eco-friendly stainless steel bottles.

All bottles from EarthLust have no traces of BPAs. The stainless steel used is 18/8, which is food-grade and recyclable. Besides stainless steel, they also have polypropylene caps, which is a safer food-grade plastic. There are no toxic paints or liners to have to worry about, either.

Arguably one of the best parts about EarthLust’s bottles is their appealing artwork, each of which is completely unique. You can even make a custom order to get a bottle that’s completely and undeniably yours! The designs are constantly changing and being updated, so you very well might end up starting a collection.

As a B-corporation, EarthLust tests its bottles in California, its headquarters. While they don’t yet produce their bottles in California, that’s a long-term goal of theirs.


When it comes to buying a reusable water bottle, you’re certainly going to be concerned with price. You’ll also want to know what your bottle is made of. After all, most plastics can contain BPAs, phthalates, and other toxins. By choosing a glass, bamboo, or stainless steel water bottle, you can ensure you’re always sipping safely.

Since buying reusable water bottles is a smarter and eco-friendlier alternative to drinking from disposable bottles, many companies that make reusable bottles are very environmentally friendly.

The 10 companies we shared above all have one thing in common: they’re tired of seeing disposable bottles pile up in landfills. They use sustainable materials, produce their bottles locally, and provide earth-friendly bottle options all worth buying.

Some of the companies we outlined even give back to their communities and the world in general. By providing potable water to underdeveloped parts of the world, any of these 10 water bottle brands would be a great one to get your next reusable water bottle.

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