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How to Clean a Copper Water Bottle (Inside, Outside & Lid)

copper bottle water in the wastafel

Copper bottles have been used in Ayurveda for hundreds of years. And why wouldn’t they? Drinking water from copper bottles is associated with a vast array of different health benefits. Even tiny amounts of copper water may provide you with a lot of health benefits. Do you want to drink water that will be clean from microbes […]

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How to reuse glass water bottles: a step-by-step guide

glass water bottles inside the container to clean

The latest trend – with environmental awareness and responsibility becoming more prominent in everyday life – seems to be to rush out and a buy an environmentally friendly reusable water bottle. Most people do this in the name of “going green” and that is commendable, but does that mean you have to do the same if […]

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Can Reusable Water Bottles Be Recycled

type of water bottle you can recycle

If you are ready to take the plunge and do your bit for the environment, buying a reusable water bottle should be one of the very first steps you take.  Simply buying any water bottle is not going to get you off the hook when it comes to environmental responsibility.  The type of water bottle […]

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How to know if a Water Bottle is Reusable?

black stainless steel bottle water without cap

The world is filled with plastic and as a result, you might feel a little guilty tossing your plastic water bottle into the trash after drinking it.  If you are anything like a vast majority of the population, you like to have a plastic bottle available at all times, to drink water from.  This makes […]

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The 8 Pros and Cons of Copper Water Bottles

Copper Water Bottles with green background

There seems to be some conflicting information out there about modern copper water bottles for sale. Many people simply do not know what to believe when it comes to the pros and cons of copper water bottles. Do you? Some sources going back to around 2013 say that there is not enough evidence to support claims that […]

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What Are Collapsible Water Bottles Made Of (And Are They Safe?)

different color Collapsible Water Bottles

Carrying a water bottle around seems to have become the norm, especially when commuting or traveling. It is difficult to get the standard 8 glasses of water a day if you do not have a water supply close at hand. Buying plastic bottle after plastic bottle of water throughout the day, just to have something […]

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9+ Ways Reusable Water Bottles Help the Environment

refilling a reusable water bottle from tap

Did you know: More than a million plastic bottles are bought every single minute. And the number is expected to continue growing. Plastic bottles and plastic waste can be found everywhere from the oceans to the mountains and the forests. The levels of plastic waste are reaching staggering numbers, and the damage it does to both our […]

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How to Wash a New Water Bottle and Get it Ready to Use

washing a baby bottle using tap water

You might be tempted to pour water straight into your new bottle and start using it right away when you get it, but what about the potential contamination that it is picked up along the way, before you got it? Have you considered the possibility that your water bottle might be harboring some nasty germs […]

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8 Cool Things You Can Do With Water Bottle Caps

water bottle caps

Next time you finish a bottle of water, give some thought to what you should do next. How do you deal with the empty bottle and its matching cap? Before you toss your plastic water bottle cap in the trash, think about where it is going to end up. Most plastic bottle caps are manufactured […]

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