Do You Need a Bacteria-Filtering Water Bottle?

No one wants to consume bacteria, but sometimes, it happens without us even realizing it.

Depending on where you source your water from, it could contain trace amounts or lots of bacteria. That’s why some frequent sippers opt for a bacteria-filtering water bottle.

Do these bottles work? Should you use one?

Bacteria-filtering water bottles take tap water and make it potable. Chemicals, contaminants, and bacteria get filtered right out of the water you consume. Sometimes heavy metals and viruses do as well. This means you’re making a healthy decision for yourself each time you drink from your reusable water bottle.

In this article, we’ll discuss bacteria-filtering water bottles in depth. First, we’ll dive into an explanation of these bottles and their filters. Then we’ll talk about some benefits.

Finally, we’ll share some of our favorite reusable water bottles that filter bacteria out of your beverages

What Is a Bacteria-Filtering Water Bottle?

A bacteria-filtering water bottle, as the name suggests, has a filter built into it. Filtered water as a whole isn’t at all a new concept.

You may have heard of the Brita filter, which you can use at home to make your water cleaner. Today, Brita has its own water bottle, as do many other brands we’ll cover later. 

The filtration system in the bottles has different functions depending on the brand. For instance, with some bottles, as you pour in the water, the filter begins doing its thing immediately, cleaning the water of impurities.

Other filters will purify the water only right before it reaches your lips. Either way, you know you’re drinking the cleanest water possible.

Many manufacturers make their filters from activated charcoal. The charcoal must possess a semi-positive electrical charge, and this charge shouldn’t be full.

As you pour your water into the bottle, it passes to the filter.  As we mentioned in the intro, filters remove more than just bacteria. They can get rid of contaminants, heavy metals, viruses, and water impurities as well. 

Does the Filter Actually Work? 

If you’ve never used a filtered water bottle before, you might have some questions. Namely, do these bottles even work? 

Yes, they do. If you leave the filter intact and don’t tamper with it, then it should do the job it promised.

You don’t necessarily see the filter in action, but you’ll know it’s working when you don’t taste any strange flavors and your water doesn’t smell weird.

Also, if drinking from your bottle doesn’t make you sick, then it doesn’t have any bacteria or viruses. 

That said, to ensure your reusable water bottle and its filter works as well as possible, you need to take care of it. For instance, the Brita bottle with a filter can go in the dishwasher if it’s made of plastic.

However, if you get a bottle that’s stainless steel, you shouldn’t put it in the dishwasher. Doing so will scratch up the bottle. 

You will also likely have to take the filter out if you want to clean your bottle. That’s the case with the Brita bottle.

Putting your filter through the dishwasher would more than likely destroy it. 

Your filter can only work as well as you let it. If you misuse it, it won’t remove bacteria and other impurities in your water.

Caring for the filter will keep you safe and healthy for a long time to come. 

The Benefits of a Bacteria-Filtering Water Bottle

Okay, so you’re now thinking about trying a bacteria-filtering water bottle for yourself. That said, you want to know about the benefits of these bottles before you make up your mind. Here’s a list for your perusal. 


Everyone wants to live more healthfully, but that doesn’t always mean making nutritious eating decisions and getting plenty of exercises. It also means choosing the right things to put into your body.

When you buy a bacteria-filtering water bottle, you’re confident your water won’t make you sick. It may also no longer contain impurities and other possible health risks. 

No Need to Use Time-Consuming Alternate Methods

Years ago, if you went camping and you wanted potable water, you had to boil it. This meant finding or creating a source of fire and then waiting quite a while.

Nowadays, there’s no such need for a time-consuming venture like boiling your water on-the-go. With a water filter, you can always safely drink, even if you’re camping or traveling.

Throw out Your Hard Pump Filter

Hard pump filters were sort of like the predecessor to today’s water bottle filters. They got the job done well enough, but they’re thick and heavy.

That doesn’t exactly make them very conducive to carrying along on your everyday adventures. If you went camping, they were especially a pain to bring because of their size.

Now, with streamlined, slimmer water bottle filters, you can get rid of your hard pump filter for good.

Say Goodbye to Disinfection Tablets

You have yet another option for clarifying your water when camping: disinfection tablets. You’d only have to drop these in and then wait, and wait, and wait.

Sure, anyone could figure out how these tablets worked, but they didn’t finish working for hours. Who has that kind of time to wait around? Not you. Now you don’t have to. You have a bacteria-filtering water bottle. 

Better for the Environment

Hopefully, you know by now the very detrimental effects of drinking single-use disposable water bottles every day.

The plastic that comprises these bottles doesn’t break down for hundreds of years at a time. In some instances, it can take thousands of years before the bottles biodegrade into the earth. 

A single reusable water bottle helps the environment in so many ways, then. Getting one with a filter keeps you healthier, making it a win-win. 

Money Saved Is Money Earned

We also have to talk about the cost of water bottles. Yes, you might spend more money on a bacteria-filtering water bottle than one without a filter. That’s just the initial cost, though.

This bottle should last you for years. Consider how much money you waste per month and per year on disposable plastic bottles. You can easily rack up bills of hundreds of dollars if not more! 

It seems then that switching to a bacteria-filtering water bottle is the smartest choice. 

Our Favorite Bacteria-Filtering Water Bottle Brands

If you’re ready to buy your first bacteria-filtering water bottle, you might not know where to look.

Well, we’re here to help. Here are some of our favorite picks so you can get shopping.   

OKO H2O Level-2 Advanced Filtration Water Bottle

The OKO H2O Level-2 filtration bottle is a winner you could enjoy for years.

What does Level 2 mean?

OKO made this bottle for the International Space Station, but it’s also usable for everyday people. 

It has a top-notch filter, a Tritan cap, and a base that’s free of BPAs. You can squeeze it and get clean water to your mouth every time without a pump.

The OKO bottle weighs just 5.2 ounces. As you drink, the filter erases traces of chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, chemicals, bacteria like E. coli, and viruses such as giardia lambia and cryptosporidium. 

Seychelle Extreme Water Filter Bottle

The Seychelle Extreme aides survivalists, backpackers, hikers, travelers, and campers in getting potable water anywhere, anytime.

With a Seychelle filter, the bottle will get rid of radiological contaminants (99.99 percent), viruses (99.99 percent), and bacteria (99.9999 percent).

Designed with food-grade materials, there are no BPAs in this water bottle.

You can even squeeze it and sip your beverage through the included straw for quick, convenient drinking. 

Lifesaver Bottle

An Amazon’s Choice product, the Lifesaver earned that name due to its filtering qualities.

The chemical-eliminating filters come with a foil seal and activated charcoal. You won’t smell or taste any impurities in your water anymore, including chlorine. 

The bottle also cuts out bacteria (99.9999 percent) and viruses (99.99 percent) so you can stay healthier no matter where your adventures take you.

The Lifesaver bottle has a capacity of 750 milliliters. Refill it often and enjoy healthier sipping! 

GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier and Filter

Yet another Amazon’s Choice bacteria-filtering bottle you’ll love, GRAYL will help you stay healthy. This water purifier and filter boosts the flavor and clarity of your water while removing odors and unwanted aftertaste.

Each time you use this bottle, the filter catches arsenic, lead, other heavy metals, benzene, chlorine, silt, sediment, and many other chemicals and particulates. 

You also don’t have to worry about viruses and bacteria, as these disappear.

You’ll enjoy crisp, refreshing water without cryptosporidium, giardia, and other protozoan cysts (99.999 percent) as well as less bacteria like cholera, salmonella, and E. coli (99.9999 percent).

There’s no rotavirus, SARS, hepatitis A, and other viruses (99.9999 percent) floating around your water, either. 


A bacteria-filtering water bottle removes the bacteria in your water before it ever reaches your lips.

Through activated charcoal and other components, all the impurities get wiped.

If you’ve only used disposable bottles until now or you have a reusable bottle without a filter, we think it’s time to make a switch. You’ll feel much healthier and happier with a bacteria-filtering water bottle.

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