The Most Durable Water Bottles You Need To Buy (The Buying Guide)

Reusable water bottles are, without a doubt the best way to stay hydrated while you are on the move or in the office. They will not just make you feel better, but you can also save a buck in the long term.

And if you are interested in having a positive impact on the environment by reducing plastic waste, a reusable water bottle is still the best way to do that.

However, all this is true only to the extent of how durable is your reusable water bottle.

If you know anything about me by now, it would be that I have a weak spot for staying healthy and green at the same time. This is why durability is one of the most important aspects for me when it comes to choosing the right water bottle.

The Most Durable Water Bottles

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What Makes These Bottle a Great Choice

1. Pogo Tritan Water Bottle

Pogo BPA-Free Tritan Plastic Water Bottle with Soft Straw, 40 Oz, Teal
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Pogo BPA-Free Tritan Plastic Water Bottle with Soft Straw, 40 Oz, Teal
  • XL 40 ounce capacity for Big thirsts
  • Leak-proof lid with silicone soft straw
  • Yuck-proof lid keeps drink surface covered

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When looking for a durable and reliable water bottle that can last a really long time and one which can take almost anything you can throw at it plastic is definitely one of the go-to materials.

But we need to make the necessary due diligence when dealing with plastic.

I am sure, by now, you know that plastic can be a dangerous and harmful material. There’s a ton of different studies that confirm the adverse effects plastic can have on the body, animals, and the environment.

So the bottle needs not only to be durable but also safe.

This water bottle has been tested for chemicals, as the manufacturer has stated, and it is free of BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead, and cadmium as well


This bottle is excellent for both an everyday water bottle and a bottle which you can take with you camping or trekking.

The lid seals tightly, but it also has a soft silicone straw on it which you can use to easily take a sip from without having to worry about any water spills. The straw is also covered by a removable lid which keeps it from getting dirty.

This is also a good water bottle to take with you during the summer as you can fill it up with ice. It is 32 oz. which makes it a good averagely sized water bottle.

Another aspect that will make this bottle a breeze to use is that it is also easy to clean. You can use it in the top rack of the dishwasher.

This water bottle is great for anyone who wants a bottle which is comfortable and straightforward to use. Overall it offers great and reliable quality at a very low price.

2. Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Water Bottle

Oh, where do I start with this little jewel?

First, let me begin with the quality and the feel of this stainless steel water bottle. The coating of the bottle has a great feel and grip to it.

Additionally, since it is made from stainless steel, you can expect it to last a really long time.

In fact, the worst thing that may happen to a stainless steel bottle like this one is that it can dent you drop it from a significant height. But even then, dented and scarred, it will definitely not break and fulfill its duty.

It is made from a food-grade 18/8 stainless steel, which is what is considered the best stainless steel alloy for storing food and liquids. It will not impart any strange or metallic taste and flavors on your water.

This water bottle is BPA-free, which is a big thing as this is one of the most dangerous and harmful chemicals that are frequently found in the water bottles of lesser quality. It is also phthalate-free too.

Another great feature that I really love about this kind of water bottles is the double-walled insulation they sometimes have.

This bottle from Hydro Flask, indeed, has double-walled insulation which makes it great for keeping both cold and hot drinks and beverages. It will keep your cold water colder for longer and your hot beverages warmer for longer.

Unfortunately, I also have bad news for you.

This bottle has quality built and feel to it. But that certainly comes at a cost and as expected this one is on the more expensive side.

3. The Gym Keg Water Bottle

THE GYM KEG Gym Water Bottle 74oz | Half Gallon | Carry Handle | Big Water Jug for Sport | Large Reusable Drinking Water Bottles | Eco-friendly Jugs, Tritan BPA Free Plastic, Leakproof (Nardo Grey)
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THE GYM KEG Gym Water Bottle 74oz | Half Gallon | Carry Handle | Big Water Jug for Sport | Large Reusable Drinking Water Bottles | Eco-friendly Jugs, Tritan BPA Free Plastic, Leakproof (Nardo Grey)
  • Large Water Capacity – Unlike small shaker bottles and other accessories, each of our plastic drink bottles holds a huge 2.2 litres of water, more...
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This is a great bottle for any athlete or gym goer that wants to stay hydrated by having a high-capacity water bottle handy. This, of course, means that this water bottle is definitely a lot bigger than the rest.

This is a 2.2-liter water bottle, which is a little over 74 oz or slightly more than half a gallon.

So far so good, but you will also notice something that is rarely found on other water bottles.

The main purpose of this bottle was not just to meet the needs of the active people but also provide them with a durable and long-lasting water bottle. This is why it is fully covered by an advanced neoprene insulating sleeve. The sleeve provides extra protection against breaking.

This actually has another significant advantage to it. The neoprene sleeve will also provide superb insulation, and as a result, it will keep your water cool for longer.

It comes with a pop lid which makes it significantly easier to sip without having to worry about water spillage.

Since we are talking about a high-capacity water bottle, you may naturally be worried about its weight. The good thing here is that the manufacturer used plastic, so the bottle remains as light as possible.

But plastic comes with some concerns, right? The good news here is that it is BPA-free making it safe for daily usage.

Of course, this bottle is not reserved only for athletes, and it can easily be brought to the office. The carrying strap and handle make it easy to carry around.

The bottle is easy to fill and easy to clean and will help you meet your daily water needs with ease.

4. Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle

The Iron Flask water bottle is made with premium 18/8 stainless steel which is completely BPA-free.

This is the preferred and widely recommended type of stainless steel alloy as it is food grade and completely safe for food and liquid storage. It won’t leach metallic flavors to your water as some lower quality items could do.

It has a very stylish and sleek design, and the bottle doesn’t feel or look cheap in any way.

The outside wall of the bottle is covered with a powdered coating which feels great to the hand, and it can offer some extra grip and protection.

And as you know, stainless-steel is one of the best materials durability-wise. Even if you drop it – although it may scratch or dent – it is highly unlikely that it will break in any way.

This bottle comes with double-walled insulation which is making it great to tote with your without having to worry about it sweating or getting too hot.

Something that you may like is that the bottle comes with three different lids which make it very versatile. It comes with:

  • Stainless steel lid;
  • Flip lid; and
  • Straw lid (Including two straws!).

This is a great value as many other bottles will require you to buy extra lids separately, which may add up to the cost. And when you compare the prices, things start to look very different.

The manufacturer recommends to wash it with soap and water. This may be seen as a disadvantage since you cannot use it in the dishwasher. But because of the wider mouth, it is going to be very easy to keep it clean.

This water bottle offers reliability and great versatility. It is perfect for anyone that wants to stay hydrated while being one the move regardless of the occasion. And all that at an affordable price.

Essential Features and Qualities You Need to Look For

Whenever you are looking to get yourself a water bottle, there are certain features and qualities you need to make sure you’ve got covered first.

Doing the necessary due diligence doesn’t really require much of your time, and the benefits are well worth your while.

In order to make things a tad easier for you here, I will go through some of the important things you need to consider.

1. The Water Bottle’s Purpose and Use

The first thing to consider is what you will be using the water bottle for. Depending on that, you may find out that you need to get yourself a bottle with a larger capacity.

For example, if you are looking to get a really durable bottle that you will be using when camping and hiking, you may want to get yourself a one that has a larger capacity.

But at the same time, a bigger bottle means a heavier bottle.

The weight of the bottle can influence your choice when it comes to what material the bottle should be made of.

So you see, according to your personal needs you may need to make certain compromises with the weight of the bottle or its material.

Generally what I consider a good all-purpose sized water bottle is one which is about 30 to 33 oz. And generally speaking, I wouldn’t go much above 40 oz as depending on the material the bottle may get really bulky and awkward to use.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the materials now.

2. The Materials Used for the Bottle

The durability of the bottle is determined mostly by the materials that have been used for its manufacturing. Their quality and design will have a say in the overall sturdiness of the bottle.

Different materials are used for water bottles. However, the most durable and tough ones are going to be metal and plastic.

  • Metal Water Bottles

Water bottles are made from a few different metals: stainless steel, aluminum, and copper.

Aluminum water bottles used to be a popular pick. However, they have been found sometimes to contain BPAs and are not considered the best type of bottles, even though they have some advantages over the rest.

Copper is another popular type of metal used for storing water. Copper is used in Ayurveda, and it is believed to provide the body with a number of different health benefits. The thing with copper water bottles is that they will alter the taste of your water, giving it a slightly metallic taste. And this is not something everybody is going to enjoy.

Stainless steel is what I would consider the best material for a water bottle when it comes down to durability and toughness. It could quite literally last you a lifetime. Stainless steel is not known to be reactive, so it will not alter the taste or smell of your water in any way, shape, or form.

Admittedly, one of the biggest downsides is that metal is a lot heavier than some of the other materials.

  • Plastic Water Bottles

Plastic is going to be a close second in terms of durability. Plastic does not break easily, and it can last hundreds of years (if not more).

The good thing that will appeal to most people is that plastic is significantly lighter than stainless steel. Even a big bottle made of plastic will be super lightweight.

But the problem with plastic is that it can usually contain a lot of harmful chemicals and toxins, which can leach into the water under different circumstances.

This is why if you are going to go for a plastic water bottle, it is best to pick one that has been tested for chemicals and toxins. And more importantly, be free from the vast majority of them.

3. The Insulation

Another important aspect but frequently one that can be neglected is the insulation of the bottle.

The thing with insulation is that it is not something you can just readily see on the outside. However, this may be something that can either make or break the deal for you. Here’s why.

  • Advantages of an Insulated Bottle

There are several things that a bottle which has proper insulation can do for you.

First, the insulation will keep your hot beverages hotter for longer, and, respectively, your cold liquids colder. This can be quite a nice thing to have in those hot summer days or cold winter mornings.

Secondly, the outside wall of the bottle will not get super hot from your coffee or tea, so you can comfortably hold it and carry it around, without burning your hands.

And lastly, if you use your bottle to store ice-cold water, it will not start to sweat due to the condensation. This means you can safely place your bottle inside your bag or backpack and not have to worry about everything getting wet.

  • What Bottles Have the Best Insulation

Hands down the bottles that have the best insulation are the double-walled stainless steel water bottles.

Not only are they super tough and durable, but they also have the best kind of insulation.

Double-walled insulation simply means that there are two walls separated by a vacuum.

Other Important Details

Lastly, I’d like to mention a few more things that may or may not be important to you.

First is the bottle’s mouth.

A lot of people seem to prefer the wide mouth bottles more as they are easier to clean and fill up with ice or fruits. One downside to that is that the wide mouth can lead to some water spills if you try to sip from it while on the move.

Also, not all bottles are generally rated dishwasher safe. Some can only be cleaned with soap and water, which is not too difficult but combining that with a small mouth it may prove somewhat challenging.

You also will most likely need a suitable bottle cleaning brush.

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