The Best Copper Water Bottles (The Buying Guide)

A hot summer day. You take out your water bottle to have a cool and refreshing sip. All of a sudden, your friends – while staring at you – start asking what this new water bottle you are having is.

Does it sound strange? Well, this is what happened to me right after I bought my first copper water bottle and brought it with me.

Well, now my friends are quite used to it, in fact, and I am not that interesting to them anymore. But ever since then they got more and more interested in the benefits of drinking from copper bottles. And here’s the thing.

Interestingly enough copper vessels have been used for storing water for centuries. There are numerous anecdotal and not so anecdotal benefits associated with drinking water from copper bottles or cups. So that got me thinking.

After I did some research on the topic and combined with the sudden interest of my close friends, I decided to create this list of the best copper water bottles. Let’s take a look at what makes a copper bottle a good.

The Best Copper Water Bottles

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What I Love About These Copper Water Bottles

1. Kosdeg Copper Water Bottle

Kosdeg Hammered Copper Water Bottle 34 Oz Extra Large - An Ayurvedic Copper Vessel - Drink More Water, Lower Your Sugar Intake And Enjoy The Health Benefits Immediately
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Kosdeg Hammered Copper Water Bottle 34 Oz Extra Large - An Ayurvedic Copper Vessel - Drink More Water, Lower Your Sugar Intake And Enjoy The Health Benefits Immediately
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What makes this bottle great? It is 100% made of copper. I am talking about the whole bottle, of course, as the manufacturer even mentions, that there isn’t even a coating inside of it anymore. Both inside and outside, there is only copper. There is a little caveat, though.

The lid comes with an O-ring. You need that because it ensures that the lid fits nice and tightly when tightened and as a result, there will be no leaks whatsoever.

That way, you can easily bring this bottle with yourself on your travels and always have some fresh and cooled off copper water handy without having to worry.

But what about the taste?

I am sure many of you will be wondering about the taste, especially if you’ve never tried drinking from a copper water bottle before. So here’s the thing.

This is a 100% copper bottle, and as such there will be a fine metallic – or should I say copper – taste, and smell to the water stored in it. This happens as a result of the copper leaching into the water. The longer the water stays in the bottle, the more copper-ish taste it can have.

Although the interesting thing is that, from what I can gather, not everybody may notice the slight lingering metallic taste of copper. And there is also one more thing that is important to know.

This is a single-walled copper water bottle. As such it is not advisable neither recommended to use it for storing hot drinks and beverages. It transfers heat extremely fast, and it can get really hot and even burn your hands.

It has a wide mouth making sipping from the bottle easy. And why not even add a few ice cubes for some extra freshness of your water? A wide-mouth bottle is perfect for that.

But be careful, as storing very cold water or liquids can also cause the bottle to sweat because of the condensation.

And last but not least, this water bottle has a great design. You can feel and see the quality, and it is not cheaply made. In fact, this is the first thing that you will notice after you unwrap it – how beautifully designed it is.

2. Berigora Pure Copper Water Bottle

Berigora 30oz Pure Copper Water Bottle Ayurvedic
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Berigora 30oz Pure Copper Water Bottle Ayurvedic
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It has a clean, elegant, and stylish design, and from Berigora kept the branding to a minimum.

What I like about this bottle is that it is a pure, high-quality copper water bottle.

There is no lacquer coating on the inside. This is something that a great many people are looking for when buying a copper water bottle for the simple reason that it allows the water to get in contact with the copper. Which, in turn, gives you all the health and healing properties of the copper.

On the inside, around the lid, you will find the only thing which is not made of copper – the O-ring. Which is necessary to keep your bottle leak-proof. Although it provides good insulation and protection, always check if the lid is tightly secured before putting it inside your bag or backpack.

Because of the high-quality copper which is used, it is completely normal to expect some discoloration to happen as you use it. This happens if you don’t dry it after cleaning or usage. This process also depends on the contact of copper with the air, so if you keep the lid closed tightly, the inside will discolor (oxidize) at a different and slower rate.

This copper bottle is most suitable for lukewarm or cold drinks.

Hot beverages like tea, coffee, and even hot water should not be used with this water bottle. The bottle will get really hot really fast, and it may burn your hands if you try holding it or drinking from it.

In addition to that, very cold drinks may cause condensation on the outside wall of the bottle.

3. Kosdeg Copper Water Bottle

Kosdeg Copper Water Bottle 34 Oz Extra Large - An Ayurvedic Copper Vessel - Drink More Water, Lower Your Sugar Intake And Enjoy The Health Benefits Immediately
1,058 Reviews
Kosdeg Copper Water Bottle 34 Oz Extra Large - An Ayurvedic Copper Vessel - Drink More Water, Lower Your Sugar Intake And Enjoy The Health Benefits Immediately
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This is another bottle from the Kosdeg. Kosdeg keeps their promise of delivering great and high-quality copper bottles.

As you will see this is a 100% copper water bottle. They don’t even place coating on the inside of the bottle any more to provide the best benefits of a true copper vessel.

The thin lacquer layer that has been used in the past is no longer present, and this allows the water to get in contact with the copper. That way, copper can leach into the water, and thus, we can benefit from its beneficial qualities.

The only thing which is not made of copper is the rubber O-ring in the lid which is used for insulation purposes and leak prevention.

It has a wide mouth which is great if you want to add some ice in the bottle during the warmer months or you just want to have a quick sip of copper water.

This bottle is again, not recommended to be used with hot beverages or drinks because it will get really hot. And if you are interested in getting yourself a suitable metal bottle in which you can store and enjoy your hot coffee or tea, you may want to check a stainless steel water bottle instead.

One of the great things about any copper bottle is that it will keep your water cool and great tasting. Well, that depends on your personal taste and liking as water that has stayed in a copper vessel will develop a slight copper taste and smell to it.

The design is very clean. It doesn’t feel cheap in any way, and quality can be felt easily.

What You Need to Keep in Mind When Buying a Copper Water Bottle

A copper water bottle may come in many different sizes. Make sure you give that a little consideration. The right size water bottle is going to vary from person to person depending on what and where you are going to use it.

For example, a larger copper water bottle may be preferable if you want to stay hydrated while going on a long weekend hike.

However, a bigger bottle also means a heavier bottle.

Copper water bottles are not known for being very lightweight, make sure to keep that in mind, as for a person that likes to travel light this may be a deal-breaker.

On the other hand, if you want a copper water bottle just so you can enjoy the numerous positive health effects associated with drinking copper water while having your daily breakfast, then a smaller bottle may be ideal.

A copper water bottle is usually very sturdy and if properly maintained, will last you a great many years. Even if dropped from significant heights, it may dent or scratch, but it is highly unlikely to break. In the long run, this will save you a lot of money as you will not have a reason to buy any plastic water bottles.

One of the biggest disadvantages of real high-quality copper water bottles is that they are significantly more expensive than other types of water bottles. But quality always comes at a price, I suppose.

There is a good reason why I picked these bottles. A real high-quality bottle is going to be made from 100% copper. This ensures you get what you want. If a copper water bottle has other metals or there are other chemicals mixed with the copper, this may lead to them leaching into your drinks too.

Is Drinking Copper Water Good or Bad?

According to the Ayurveda, drinking from copper water bottles is very much encouraged. It is believed that storing water in a copper container has a great number of different health benefits and advantages. But is that really the case?

Too Good to Be True?

A copper water bottle is definitely a looker, but is there any scientific data confirming all the numerous claims we hear about copper water?

If you do a quick research, you will see that numerous places like to cite long lists of the benefits of copper water such as anti-cancer properties, re-oxidation of the blood, reduction of the symptoms of arthritis and inflammation, and anti-age properties. And the usage of copper vessels can be traced back even to the Indian medicine, and it has also been used to sterilize water for centuries.

Does it sound too good to be true?

You know the old adage, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” And there is no hard and fast data that has ever confirmed every and all of these additional benefits and healing properties. But does that make copper water bottles bad then?

Well, not necessarily.

Proven Properties

Copper is an important substance for our body. In fact, some people suffer from copper deficiency. Some of the symptoms of a copper deficiency are brittle bones, weakness, sensitivity to cold, premature gray hair, eyesight problems,

Storing water in copper containers does, in fact, have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties where it actually purifies the water.

In addition to that, it was discovered that storing water in copper bottles can increase its alkalinity with time, too.

Additional Concerns

Although there is such a thing as a copper deficiency, there is also a thing called copper toxicity.

Usually, the most concerns regarding drinking water from a copper bottle (or any other copper vessel) are connected with the fact that various amounts of copper will leach into the water. But how much?

As it seems, the actual amount of copper that will leach into the water is hard, if not impossible, to determine.

Thus some people may be concerned that eventually, you may build up too much copper in your body. Although copper toxicity is theoretically possible, in practice, it is highly unlikely as, first, you have to drink huge amounts of water.

However, according to some studies, the amount of copper that will dissolve into the water is minimal and within the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Also more copper can potentially leach into hot water as opposed to cold water.

And last but not least there is a concern regarding storing acidic foods and liquids in copper containers. Copper is found to be reactive to acidity, and thus a lot more copper may dissolve into the liquids or food.

How Do People Drink Copper Water?

The most common method and time people drink copper water is during the morning with their breakfast. Some even prefer to split their daily dose of copper water in two and drink it twice a day.

Usually, people aim to drink about 2 to 3 cups of copper water a day, which is considered more than enough.

The water is stored for anywhere between 8 to 12 hour. A great many people prefer to fill in their copper water bottle the night before and drink it in the morning the following day.

Keeping the water for longer may potentially increase the concentration of copper ions inside, which may cause a stomach upset to the people that are more sensitive to copper.

If you are more sensitive to copper storing water in a copper vessel even for 6 to 8 hours may be too much, and you may need to adjust the time you leave your water in the bottle.

A word of caution: If you are going to drink copper water for medicinal purposes, you should always consult with a medical specialist first.

Also, it is believed that storing the copper water in the fridge will ruin its beneficial effects and it is not always recommended. Copper water is considered best at room temperatures.

Avoid adding any citrus fruits like lemons or oranges in your copper bottle. Doing it even for a short amount of time can still lead to gastrointestinal problems due to the reaction copper has with acids.

And one last thing.

Make sure you wash your copper bottle on a daily basis. Despite copper having antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, it is still possible for bacteria to multiply and grow if the bottle is left for a while. Just a little soap and water is more than enough to ensure that your copper water bottle is clean and good to go.

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