Drink Smart! 9 Smart Bottles That Take Hydration to the Next Level

Thanks to the Internet of Things, smart technology is more prevalent than ever. What do we mean when we say “smart?” This is predictive, reactive technology that uses sensors, voice recognition, and other advanced tech to communicate with us and make our everyday tasks even simpler.

Alexa or Siri may be the most common examples of smart technology. These devices can set alarms for us, play us music, make calls, send texts, search the Internet, and even turn on (or off) lights in our home.

With so much smart tech, it was only a matter of time before our reusable water bottles got smart as well. While we recently outlined several hydration apps for easier drinking, these bottles typically have their own apps. Said apps sync with the tech in the bottle to automatically track your water consumption. You rarely have to do anything but drink and refill throughout the day.

Intrigued? You should be. In this article, we’re presenting nine of the most interesting smart reusable water bottles on the market.

1. Hidrate Spark 

The Hidrate Spark is one smart bottle that’s making a lot of waves. Although it’s made of plastic, it’s Tritan plastic, which is food-safe and free of any harmful BPAs.

We mentioned this before in our article about hydration apps, but it’s worth saying again. Not everyone needs to get eight daily glasses of water a day. For some people, they need more water, and some even less. Instead of guessing or doing complicated calculations to determine your water needs, let Hidrate Spark do it for you. It has a customized water goal calculator that accommodates for factors like your height, weight, and internal body temperature. Water goals can be updated frequently.

The bottle makes use of Bluetooth to start glowing when you’re not drinking enough. That’s right, the bottle emits a faint blueish-green glow right in its center. You can’t miss that!

Other great features of Hidrate Spark are its bottle tracking via its app. This way, even if you accidentally leave your water bottle at the park or the gym, you can dash back and grab it. It also has a replaceable battery that doesn’t need to be manually charged. You can wash your Hidrate Spark in the dishwasher, but be sure to take out the sensor first.

Do you use Google Fit, Nokia Health Mate, Under Armour Record, Apple Watch & Health, and/or Fitbit? You can sync your info from any of these apps to and from the Hidrate Spark. With a 100-day warranty, a 30-day guarantee, and free returns, why not try this smart bottle? It comes in 24 ounces and several colors, including royal blue, white, purple, black, and teal. 

2. DrinKup Smart Bottle

Another smart bottle we recommend is DrinKup. Like the Hidrate Spark, it records your daily activities, weight, height, and water intake to recommend how much water you should be drinking each day. There is of course an accompanying app to make hydration more attainable.

If you’re starting to slip from your hydration goals for the day, DrinKup will let you know. Not only will you receive notifications on your phone from the app, but the bottle itself will indicate that you need to drink more water with its LED screen. Said screen will show a heart. That heart won’t go away until you start sipping. The bottle also vibrates to tell you when it’s time for more water.

The accompanying app provides daily hydration logs which are incredibly detailed. They tell you how often you drank water, the volume of water you consumed, and your drink rate in a ratio. It’s recommended you sync up with Fitbit and Apple Health for even more detailed readings.

Tracking your water consumption with DrinKup is simple. All you do is tilt your bottle at a slight angle. To check your water temperature (yes, reusable bottles are that smart these days), turn it upside down.

Here are some other indicators to keep your eyes on:

  • 500 ml: Refers to the ideal volume, which is 17 ounces or 500 milliliters
  • X: You need to refill the bottle, as the beverage inside has been sitting for 24 hours or longer and may no longer be good
  • Hot: The beverage inside makes the bottle too hot to handle

3. Thermos Connected Hydration Bottle with Smart Lid

You’ve probably been drinking Thermoses for years, but never like this before. The Connected Hydration Bottle with Smart Lid syncs up with Fitbit for a healthier lifestyle.

Each day, you choose how much water you want to drink and set that as your daily goal. Thermos will make recommendations too that look back on how much you normally drink as well as how much you exercise. As you enjoy water from your reusable bottle, Thermos will tell you the temperature of your drink and how much you’re consuming. It does this with Bluetooth and a sensor tube within the lid.

To open your bottle, make use of the hygienic push button lid. This is meant to be done one-handed if need be. There’s also a flip-up carrying loop with an included micro-USB that charges the battery. On average, the battery will last 12 hours.

All Thermos Connected Hydration Bottles are 24 ounces. You can choose from two colors: smoke (gray) or teal. These plastic bottles are also made from Eastman Tritan plastic, which is a type of copolyester. That makes this smart bottle tough, able to handle impact damage, and of course, free of BPAs.

4. Ozmo

Ozmo produces two smart water bottles: Ozmo Java+ and Ozmo Active. The former is for coffee, so we’ll focus on the Ozmo Active for the sake of this article.

This 16-ounce bottle is made without harmful BPA-containing plastics. Its design is airtight, as the Active will not leak. The free app can sync with Apple Health and Fitbit devices. When the Active reads your information from your other smart health devices, it will make adjustments to your daily hydration goals without you having to do anything. You can even use a Garmin Hydration Widget with your bottle if you have a Garmin fitness tracker. The Ozmo pairs with it beautifully.

With a USB rechargeable battery, you can always ensure your Ozmo Active is ready to go. If you drink other beverages besides water (even coffee), this smart bottle will keep track of them as well. After all, there’s water in tea, coffee, and even soda. LED lights indicate how much more water you need to drink each time you fill up the bottle. If you begin to slip away from your hydration goals, the Active will vibrate. This way, you keep drinking throughout the day.

The Ozmo Active comes in several colors, such as Seafoam Green, Royal Purple, Poppy Red, Ocean Blue, gray, green, Seashell White, Flagship Fusion (teal blue), and black.

5. Bellabeat Spring 

Bellabeat is a women’s wellness company known for the Leaf, its wellness tracker. It also produces a smart bottle called the Spring. This is a brand new product that only entered the market in November 2018.

By downloading the Bellabeat app, you can immediately begin tracking and syncing your hydration information. The bottle syncs up with the app via a light shake. You can also do a horizontal shake (right to left and back) to get the app information to update throughout the day.

The Bellabeat Spring will make tailored hydration goals for you. With drinking reminders from the app, wireless syncing, and no need to charge, the Spring is a convenient reusable smart bottle for your everyday sipping. It even has secure data backup so you never have to be separated from your hydration charts.

Unlike the other bottles we’ve featured so far, the Spring is made primarily of glass. It does have a criss-crossing plastic sleeve for easier holding and handling, but it’s BPA-free. You can even put the Spring in your dishwasher for easier cleaning.

As of now, the Spring only comes in one color, Violet Ice.

6. HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle

Calling itself “the world’s first bottle that electronically calculates and tracks your consumption,” the HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle is another smart bottle option worth considering. Available in either aqua blue or translucent, the LCD screen on the bottle immediately alludes to just how intelligent this bottle really is.

The HydraCoach brand has existed since the late 1990s, but this bottle is about as modern as it comes. With its motivational messages, daily water tracker levels, and hyper-accurate consumption measurements, you can get a clear picture of your hydration levels every single day.

There are several buttons to trigger functions. One is for setting up the HydroCoach to your liking. Another lets you start tracking water consumption, stop it for any reason, and reset your daily intake. The simple yet detailed LCD screen measures overall ounces consumed, daily percentage, and your average consumption per hour.

7. DAWAY G3 Smart Water Bottle 

The first stainless steel smart bottle on this list comes from DAWAY. This isn’t just any stainless steel, but 18/8 food-grade stainless steel that promises to resist odors, be free of toxins, and never corrode or rust. It’s also sweat-proof, so there’s no need to worry about bottle condensation making you lose your grip.

DAWAY’s G3 Smart Water Bottle is slim and streamlined. The company designed it to slip into many cup holders effortlessly. It’s also waterproof and dustproof for years of use. The cap is no-leak and free of phthalates and BPAs.

So what’s so smart about this bottle? We’re glad you asked. It boasts magnetic charging, an alarm reminder, and timing functions for more convenient hydration. If your water has sat for too long, you will get an expired water reminder telling you to refill with fresh water. It also takes less than two hours to get a full charge that should last you over 30 days.

The LCD touch screen on the smart lid shows you your drink’s temperature. A 17-ounce bottle, the G3 Smart Water Bottle is meant for holding beer, milk, coffee, and water. It will retain warmth over 12 hours and coolness over 24 hours.

8. HYDRA Tech Bottle

We must also recommend the HYDRA Tech Bottle if you’re still looking for a reusable smart bottle at this point. This is one of the only bottles of its kind to feature a power bank charger as well as a Bluetooth speaker.

This 20-ounce bottle is made primarily of BPA-free plastic. The bottom is where the power bank sits. This runs at 4,000 milliamp hours (mAhs) and has a 2.1a USB output. It’s built from a safe yet durable polymer.

The bottle has an internal LED light that can go from blue to green to red to white. If the light is red, then HYDRA is telling you to start drinking more water!

Let’s discuss some other cool features, shall we? The HYDRA Tech Bottle has a microphone within it for hands-free phone calls. It also has an included Bluetooth speaker that’s five watts. You can use that for making calls as well. Oh, and did we mention the power bank charger? It can charge up your smartphone. Yes, you can get more hydration and charge your phone. Does it get any better?

The HYDRA Tech Bottle comes in several colors, including red, orange, white, blue, and black.

9. Gululu 

If you have kids, then it’s important to teach them good hydration habits early. This is where Gululu comes in. This kids’ smart bottle will become their new best friend.

Gululu is completely kid-proofed, which means even if they drop it, throw it, or play with it, it won’t break. It can handle falls of a single meter thanks to its shock absorption qualities and dual layering.

You can program the bottle to be quiet at certain times, such as when your child is at school. It even has a friendship feature if your child’s fellow classmates are also using Gululu. The cartoon mascots shown on the LCD screen will make this reusable smart bottle irresistible to most children.

The Gululu characters depend on your child’s hydration to get through levels and open chests. With a free app for parents to download, you and your spouse can always ensure your children are getting the daily hydration they need.


If you have a hard time sticking to drinking water all day each day, then any of the nine smart bottles we showcased will be a big help. Through LCD displays, flashing lights, and good, old-fashion reminders, you’ll never forget to drink enough water again.

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